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Keyway Automotive offers brake services for those in Ironton, OH; Ashland, KY; & Huntington, WV. Technicians at Keyway Automotive are trained to service today’s complex brake systems. They can inspect your vehicle’s braking system to ensure that it is functioning properly or diagnose a problem and offer suggestions and an estimate for repair.

From brake pad replacement, maintaining rotors, replacing wheel cylinders, to addressing Anti-Lock Brake System issues, Keyway Automotive provides full repair service for all your vehicle’s brake components.

Additionally, they can perform routine maintenance as suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Most often this is a brake system flush, which involves the removal of air and moisture from brake lines and the replacement of brake fluid. Whatever your vehicle’s brake system needs, Keyway Automotive can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition. Trust Keyway Automotive for your vehicle’s brake service maintenance and repairs.

Keyway Automotive recommends a brake service any time the symptoms described above occur and a brake flush every 24 months.

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