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Cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical failure while driving on the highway. Keyway Automotive offers radiator flush services for those in Ironton, OH; Ashland, KY; & Huntington, WV. If your cooling system fails, your engine and transmission could suffer major stress-related damage.

The benefits of a Keyway Automotive Radiator Flush Service:

  • Provides the best factory recommended cooling system service
  • Protects against coolant contamination
  • Removes rust and scale that cause overheating and breakdown
  • Protects against cooling system leaks
  • Provides lubricant for water pump

A standard drain and fill replaces only about half of the contaminated coolant. A Keyway Automotive Radiator Flush Service removes up to 95% of contaminated coolant and replaces it with fresh coolant to help prevent minor leaks, foaming and corrosion.

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